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I’m Feeling Pretty Bad

June 7, 2009

I’m Feeling Pretty Bad

I have been feeling empty lately.  My spirit just hurts.  Recently I have turned my focus on the problems of this world.  It seems so easy to do.  I want to fit in with the crowd and care about politics and I can’t wait to pass judgment on those who are in control of the power.  I desire… no it’s not desire but more like I am desperate for God.  I am sad because I have drifted away from Him.  I need Him to take control of my life.  The problem is that He doesn’t take control of lives.  He leads.  We must take control of our own lives while following Him.  We take control of our own lives through His strength.

I stink and I am a mess.  Step by step I will move toward God.  Day by day I will put my face into His Word.  I will read, learn and apply.  My life must change because as it is it is as good as garbage.

If you come across this post please send up a prayer to the Holy Father and ask Him to strengthen me as I draw close to Him and try to live out His commands.

Thank you.


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