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4 Steps To A Better Quiet Time

December 18, 2008

4 Steps To A Better Quiet Time

Orangebecherling-mushroomBut Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. –Luke 5:16

During His time on earth there were plenty of of quiet spots to be found I’m sure but what about us? Just today I found myself having a difficult time trying to read from a textbook. Was the book boring? Most of the time I could answer yes but this one was actually interesting. Why couldn’t I concentrate? Because the phone rang five times in an hour! We do not live in a quiet, lonely world.

So many distractions! What is a Christ follower to do? Here is a list I hope is helpful:

1.Plan. You need to put quiet times into your schedule. If you don’t schedule your quiet time, when will it happen?

2.Choose the most quiet time of the day. This may be before the kids get up or right after they go to bed. If you live in an apartment complex you may have to choose based on your neighbors habits. When is it the most quiet where you live? Choose that time.

3.Try to get 5 quiet times in each week. You could go for 7 if you like but try not to beat yourself up if you fail to do so. In fact, don’t worry if you only get 2 quiet times within the week. A quiet time is not meant to be marked off your list of things to do. If it is you may never get any benefit from it.

4.Choose to do activities that lead to growth. Pray, listen for God, read your Bible, or/and read a good book.

Questions To Ponder:

1.“When was the last time you were deeply encouraged and refreshed during a quiet time spent in prayer and reading the Bible?”

2.“Why is it important to have times of prayer alone with God?”

Quotes are from the TNIV Strive Bible

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